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The Shearwater Companies, LLC is a privately financed real estate owner-operator with headquarters in Raynham, Massachusetts. Co-founded by the Ciffolillo brothers in 2014, the partners have more than 50 years of combined real estate, contracting, project and property management experience. Such deep experience has allowed Shearwater to create a fully integrated platform, managing each step of the investment cycle in-house. From due diligence and acquisitions, to property and asset management to property disposition, this hands-on approach not only fosters intimate knowledge of our properties and close relationships with our tenants, it also allows for significant savings which go directly to the bottom line.



One could say that our path to commercial real estate was forged by our brother Jeff decades ago. Jeff possessed the perfect balance of intelligence, integrity, foresight, patience, competitive spirit and courage that is found only in the most successful commercial real estate professionals. Although we lost our brother Jeff in September of 2013, his spirit and his character remain with us today.  The effect he had on us as well as our family bond was the genesis for Shearwater.  The symbolism of our organization as portrayed in our logo is as three individuals that form a tight unit, wing to wing, in formation, each focused on their own discipline yet close enough to collaborate, strategize and confide in each other as needed. The fourth follows closely offering his silent yet powerful input into both simple and complex decisions providing both guidance and inspiration in our affairs. Our company is dedicated to Jeff’s memory.